Monredo – Ukrainian manufacturer of premium-class furniture

The history of our factory began in 2019. The experience of the founders of the factory, on the basis of which the work is built, and the principles of our production date back to the 2000s.

Our experience and technology allow us to fulfill tasks of varying complexity. And our goal is to produce furniture and interior elements of exceptionally high quality.

Tradition and experience of craft production

The manual work of our specialists plays an important role in production. A professional approach to handling wood and maintaining control over woodworking as a craft process makes it possible to create a unique, technologically advanced product.

We produce technologically

Our production facility is quite compact and equipped with professional equipment. This reduces the risks associated with the human factor during production. We guarantee the high quality of our products.

Internal cycle

All stages of manufacturing our products take place directly at our production facilities. This ensures that our products are manufactured as quickly as possible and minimizes our dependence on contractors.